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Warm, gooey chocolate syrup starts to melt a crisply cool ball of vanilla ice cream over the top of a hot and fresh waffle. Silkiness meets sweetness meets crunch in a densely delicious New York cheesecake. Many-coloured neon signs, bright lights and bold retro graphics in primary colours pay homage to the 50s. These indulgent dessert flavours and diner visuals started the mental cogs turning for Marius J, co-founder of Inahle Eliquid, on his epic journey around Florida and all the way to New York.

Marius tried vaping for the first time on his trip to the States, and like most of us he was pretty much converted from the first cloud. On return to his native Lithuania, he searched high and low, but there was just no-one selling vape liquids to match those he’d tried in the States. Marius knew what he had to do, and, teaming up with his science boffin buddy Marius V, began the alchemical process of creating a new series of American-quality e-cig liquids. Still inspired by US diner desserts, the two Mariuses created new, multi-faceted flavours with a distinctly European twist.

Marius V’s science studies ended up being a priceless asset as he beavered away behind the scenes, cooking up the most incredible flavours to please even the most adventurous connoisseurs. Using themselves and their university friends as guinea pigs, they’d soon created a range of flavours so intriguing, subtle and frankly habit-forming that they couldn’t make them fast enough for the queue of students lining up outside their makeshift lab every day.

Everyone told them these e-juices were so much better than anything available in the shops. And so the two Mariuses knew they had to go into business and start bringing these distinctively appetising tastes to the world, and thus, Inhale Eliquid was born. Since then, Inhale e-juices have become the all-day vape of choice for anyone who appreciates a true depth of flavour that keeps them eminently surprised and entertained, with each and every steam cloud.

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