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Mojito Bonita

Mint, Lime and a little secret awaits your taste buds with this refreshing eliquid

1 bottle

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USA flavouring with UK base ingredients - Pharmaceutical grade

Product Description

Come fly away with Mojito Bonita, an eminently transporting combination of sweet and sour flavours. People no longer need a cocktail to feel like they’re on holiday - just a taste of this freshly fruity and minty blend will take you to a happy place of palm trees and beach hut bars.

No muddling is required to experience this exciting and complex flavour combo that will jet you directly to Havana on a lime-tinted steam cloud. Imagine the bartender shaking and swirling up a perfectly-mixed strawberry Mojito, with a lip-smacking, tangy balance of sweet and sour, and you have the Mojito Bonita. Start your journey on the inhale with the awakening, natural coolness of just-picked and muddled mint leaves, and be transported through to the bursting flavour of freshly-chopped strawberries.

Like all Inhale e-juices, Mojito Bonita uses a specially-perfected ratio of vegetable glycerine and PG in its base. The range and series of tastes you’ll experience from just one of these e-liquids is spellbinding. Come fly away with Mojito Bonita, and you’ll be entranced enough to make this juice your go-to, all-day vape of choice

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