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Tangy Jill

Barrels of apple flavor with a real good hit of citrus, this eliquid is sure to please you tangy fruit lovers

1 bottle

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USA flavouring with UK base ingredients - Pharmaceutical grade

Product Description

Feel the summer vibes with Tangy Jill. She’ll take you on a trip through apple and citrus orchards, as you enjoy the most exciting of fruity tastes. This complex e-juice flavour also incorporates the mellow sweetness of cream and meringue, for an utterly intriguing contrast.

It’s the summer of love all over again when you take a trip with Tangy Jill. Free your mind, along with your tastebuds, with a truly tangy and eminently refreshing combination. Feel the sun on your skin as you bask under a tree laden with succulent green apples, ripe for the picking, and drink old-fashioned lemonade made with juice, a little sugar, and not much else.

Tangy Jill’s expertly blended and balanced combination of apple varieties and citrus types meets a mellow match when paired with the cream and meringue flavours that round off this delicious dessert.

You’ll be able to taste the hints of fluffy whipped cream and light, crisp meringue as they merge with fruity sensations all in one summery, delectable cloud of steam. Tangy Jill is one of an innovative range of e-liquids by Inhale, that bring a range of subtle flavours together to create a multi-layered, perennially intriguing all-day vape.

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