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Trixie’s treat

Lemon, Sweet Vanilla Custard laced with a hint of mint, this eliquid is a true delight

A delectably dessert-flavoured e-juice for all-day-vaping. Trixie’s treat from Inhale E-liquid transports you from smooth French vanilla to an awakening citrusy hit in a single cloud of steam. Combines American diner dessert flavours with subtly European taste notes

1 bottle

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USA flavouring with UK base ingredients - Pharmaceutical grade

Product Description

A sweet delight with a twist in the tale, a steam cloud session with Trixie’s Treat takes you all the way from vanilla smoothness to a refreshing citrusy vapour hit. If you like anything lemony, Trixie’s treat is certain to please.

Trixie is your Parisian waitress for the evening and she promises a sweet treat - but there’s a twist in the tale. This gourmet dessert of an e-liquid is like a reverse lemon meringue pie, and imparts all the satisfaction of biting through gooey lemon custard into crisp, light meringue. Starting off with a long, cool adventure into smoothly-sweet vanilla, you’ll be lulled by the delectably velvety set of flavours. Trixie’s treat draws on the creamy and subtly sweet qualities of Parisian desserts to make the very best of this exclusive vanilla extract.

On exhale, prepare to be surprised by an eye-opening, citrusy lemon and lime hit. Inspired by the irresistible citrus desserts found in American diners, Trixie’s Treat, along with all the Inhale e-cig liquids, combines US quality with a subtly European range of flavours to create a vaping flavour extravaganza that you won’t want to put down.

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