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White Betty

Bursting with fresh Blueberry wrapped up in a warm cinnamon blanket, this eliquid will tickle those taste buds

1 bottle

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USA flavouring with UK base ingredients - Pharmaceutical grade

Product Description

An irresistible invitation. White Betty is a journey to the heart of the most delicious blueberry pie ever baked. Combining authentically fruity flavours with the creaminess of vanilla, this dessert-themed e-juice offers a uniquely subtle and multi-layered dessert experience.

Can you resist the velvety smooth charms of White Betty? Your first step on this journey to the heart of a cordon-bleu blueberry pie is an enveloping cloud of creamy smooth, subtly sweet vanilla, as you take your first bite of warm, light and buttery pastry. Capturing your attention from the first taste, White Betty adds a just suggestion of aromatic spice to this luscious blend. This blueberry pie filling is appropriately juicy and multi-flavoured, with an authentic taste of fruit.

Just exhale to enjoy an enduring, fruity, lip-smacking taste of three different blueberry varieties, expertly distilled and blended for the most delectable balance. Like all Inhale e-liquids, White Betty benefits from a perfectly combined base of cinnamon and range of blueberries with flavours inspired by American diner dessert favourites, these juices blend US quality bases with a continental depth of flavour that will satisfy the true gourmet seeking an enticing all-day vape.

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