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dewkberry (60ml)

  • honeydew
  • kiwi
  • strawberry

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Flavor profile: Honeydew Melon | Gold Kiwi | Strawberry

Golden Kiwi and Honeydew Melon compliment each other with a taste of tropical climates and the strawberry gives a clean mellow after taste.

Note: Please try at diferent tempatures as it will give diferent tones of flavour

Size: 60ML

VG/PG: 70%/30%

Nicotine: 0mg

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Nic Nic 100VG 18mg (GBP 1.99)


Honeydew Melon | Gold Kiwi | Strawberry

In our team, this is what is known as a coincidental eliquid when it started however, there is no coincidence in how it ended up tasting.

It was a normal day at our place and had some time to kill and the junior flavour artists starting playing around with some flavours, at some point one of the Inhale Alchemists joined in and slowly but surely it started to take a serious turn.

He went on to explain to the juniors that when selecting flavours you need to know their history which in turn will allow you to select the right flavour for the right purpose. In this case he started to teach the juniors about Kiwi.

MV said Kiwi's original name was "Chinese gooseberry,” also know as “Yang Tao,” and later became “melonette". In 1904 a famous lady Isabel Fraser, headmistress of thegirls school had took Kiwi seeds from China to New Zealand and the first Gold Kiwi was born. But they didn’t stop their, improvements and cultivation was made and progress gained to achieve the ultimate SunGold Kiwi.  MV also added, if you are a normal Kiwi lover, then please try the SunGold Kiwi, its night and day. It has a sweeter, deeper, richer taste than the best normal Kiwi.

Did MV talk any less about Honeydew Melon or Strawberry, off course not but it would take an age to explain his thoughts on that but we don’t want to leave you hanging so we are blogging it out, keep an eye on our blog.

Back to DewkBerry so MV the Alchemist tweaked, enhanced, changed the combination of the ingredients and the amounts to perfection. 

DewkBerry thinks twice and its hesitant to release it secret to you when you take the first vape and it comes through quietly and cautiously, first you get to taste the honeydew Melon on the inhale and at the end of the inhale you start to recognise the SunGold Kiwi coming through. You hold it a bit and start to exhale and now its all Strawberry coming out and as the last of your vape it existing the Kiwi, Strawberry and Honeydew Melon all combine into a heavenly taste that you will come to appreciate and admire for a long time to come.

Thanks MV, Inhale admire your creativity!

We do it for you.







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