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cream·caramel· tobacco

creamtoba (60ml)

  • cream
  • caramel
  • tobacco

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Flavor profile: Night Scented Tobacco | Luxury Cream | Caramel

The mix of tobacco, a hint of luxury cream and the sweetness of caramel just keep you coming back.  Creamtoba is probably one of the best tobacco e-liquid flavours around. When you inhale, the tobacco is subtle and a little caramel tickles your tongue and on the exhale all flavours come through with a touch of cream to finish it off.

Size: 60ML

VG/PG: 70%/30%

Nicotine: 0mg

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Nic Nic 100VG 18mg (GBP 1.99)


Night Scented Tobacco | Luxury Cream | Caramel

In 1753 Jean Nicot a Frenchman who at the time was the Ambassador to Portugal use to import tobacco powder seeds to France known as the Nicotiana genus plant. The funny thing is that they use to import this type of tobacco to cure migraines. A specific type within this family was the Sylvestris tobacco plant which translates to woodland tobacco.

The Sylvestris plant grew to over five feet tall and had a trumpet-shaped blossom in the middle with a purple or pink flower with most fragrant sweet scent one can smell.

The very same plant was introduced to England in the 1800s and the Victorians called this the night scented tobacco and planted it all over their walkways because of the scent the flowers give in the evening.

In the Victorian times, it became popular to have tobacco in café's while eating something sweet and creamy.

Through our knowledge of the history of flavours and our heritage, we have recreated the essence and captured the aroma of this era. The tobacco, the caramel, and the cream mix, rewinds us straight to the Victorian times and captures the atmosphere and the aroma of how cafes felt, smelt and dealt.

Inhale Alchemists bring only the best of flavours together for your satisfaction and enjoyment.

This flavour can be used to balance your palate. If you have vaped so many other flavours and really fancy a change to reset your taste palate or if you simply like a change then creamtoba is for you.

Note: Please vape at different temperatures to find the sweet spot for you.








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