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lemanilla (60ml)

  • vanilla
  • lemon
  • mint

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Flavor profile: Vanilla | Lemon | Mint

A classic flavour combination with a heavenly twist . We know vanilla and lemon works but adding a touch of fresh garden mint gives it a slight freshness and we can safely say, it is genius.

Note: Please vape at different temperatures as it will give different tones of flavour

Size: 60ML

VG/PG: 70%/30%

Nicotine: 0mg

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Nic Nic 100VG 18mg (GBP 1.99)


Vanilla | Lemon | Garden Mint

Your sitting comfortably in this open space, feeling warm and satisfied with your surroundings and yourself. Suddenly a flash of white blinding light hits you and your life starts to rewind with each event in your life flashing by until you reach your childhood and everything slows down.

You start to see yourself when you were a kid with your family around the kitchen, Granma baking and all the aromas of vanilla and lemon starts to tickle your senses, there is a gooey warm atmosphere in the room and lots of love floating around, you're getting all fuzzy….. suddenly the room your in is filled with clouds and then you wake up just as you are removing the MOD out of your mouth and realise that is the effect that Lemonilla has on you every time you vape it.

On inhaling you start to roam in the taste of vanilla very slowly, then the lemon comes through gently and then Vanilla and Lemon both bang hit your taste buds together in the most delicious way that you can possibly imagine and at this precise momentyou are already thinking this is great, you are already asking what is this flavour combo? Then your body reminds you that you need to breath out, its telling you to exhale. And just as you do, the most gentle subtle flavours are swirling around you, a tickle of mint mixed with lemon and a little touch of vanilla starts to escape through the dense clouds you are releasing  and you are left wondering, thinking, asking, why? But you have no answers and all we can advise you with is ENJOY and WELCOME to our passion!

For those that are not huge fans of mint, you should still try and this. The mint is very subtle in the background only adding freshness to the flavour.

 Honestly, we do it for you.







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