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mangberry (60ml)

  • mango
  • raspberry

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Flavor profile: Alphonso Mango | Chaunsa Mango | Raspberry

The flavour from both Mangos is intense, fragrant and very unique. Once you have tasted this Mango Raspberry combination, only then you will realise the qualtiy of the inhale eliquid.

Size: 60ML

VG/PG: 70%/30%

Nicotine: 0mg

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Nic Nic 100VG 18mg (GBP 1.99)


Alphonso Mango | Chaunsa Mango | Raspberry

The best two Mangos in the world come from India. Notably the best Mango is called Alphonso also known as Hapoo, it’s the most expensive Mango in the world. The second best Mango is Chaunsa.

The flavour from both Mangos is intense and fragrant however very unique and once you have tasted them you will know the difference between quality and a standard fruit of this type.

More often than not Michelin star chef's around the world like to mix both Mango's to serve in their creative desserts as the flavour of both Mango's create a much more intense flavour than one of them on its own.

I think you know where we are going with this….

Did we research the Raspberry any less? Off course not!

The Raspberry flavour that caught our attention is know as "long cane production" this is a Raspberry cultivated in colder climates like Scotland and then up rooted and replanted in the Mediterranean given the freshest and most fragrant taste.

Inhale's Alchemists have drawn the flavours from the Alphonso & Chaunsa Mango and combined them together, then we selected the freshest long cane Raspberry production and uniquely blended them to give you Magberry.

When the cotton on your wick heats up, that is the moment you start to smell the fragrance of Mango before it even touches your mouth, then as you inhale, the Mango intensifies until you reach the moment of realisation that this could quite possibly be the best Mango you have tasted and as you exhale, the long cane Raspberry and the freshness of Scotland and the fragrance of the Mediterranean start to combine in your senses and again we will leave you speechless with our flavour artists invention.

Challenging the norm is our motto and we have certainly achieved that with this simple but yet sophisticated flavour.

Welcome to Mangberry.








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